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On booking, we will discuss your requirements and determine a day for the shoot. Two photographers will usually be present (that means there is always someone to straighten a tie or wipe away the remains of that school dinner, because we know this matters to you).


We offer competitive commission rates, and our images are available both digitally & in print form at very reasonable prices. Orders can be placed entirely online, leaving you paper-free! No order forms or money to collect. 

what we cover

School portraits, class photos, natural outdoor portraits, Year 6 leavers portraits, nativity plays and anything  in between.

We will display all images on a secure online (password protected) gallery from which parents may safely both view and order images.


Our offering is beautifully simple.

We offer a range of images of each child, available to purchase as either prints or digital files.

Images are priced from just £7, and can be ordered directly from a password-protected online gallery which we will create on this website for you. Prints are available in a number of  sizes and JPEG digital high resolution files can be downloaded directly from our galleries.

There are no expensive add-ons, no 'bundles' and no unnecessary extras. Based on parents' feedback, our offering is simplicity itself. And since both prints and digital files are delivered directly to customers by mail or email, there are no prints, proof sheets, or CDs to distribute.